We’ve all been very excited, haven’t we? We’ve seen the headlines and we’re now awaiting the denouement, the collapse of FIFA, the beheading of Sepp Blatter and the cleansing of the game we all love. It’s just a matter of time, right?

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Quite an admission coming up … I’m rubbish at hearing lyrics (cue misheard lyric memories from all readers). Perhaps increasing the sacrilege … I often don’t pay much attention to them. OK, so now I’m a phillistine with bad music taste and no musical talent, who doesn’t listen to lyrics!? Read More

Usually this website [this first appeared on therealfacup] is all about the underdog, the lower ranked side, the least known or unheralded team (or, admittedly, often Dulwich Hamlet). However, this particular round is slightly different, although only because this is personal. Read More

Cray Valley (PM) 1-3 Raynes Park Vale
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round, 17th August 2014: Att 106.

There isn’t a single paper mill at Cray Valley (Paper Mills). Note the plural. Not since the early 80s anyway. Disappointing turn of events. BUT, no matter, we had an unexpected treat. Club branded bins and FATHER JACK in the house! Paul John is one of the best linos about, always chatty, clear and rarely wrong, He also looks like he’s just slept in his car before donning the black of officialdom. He was long ago christened ‘Father Jack’, but we love him dearly.

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Waltham Forest 1-2 Hoddesdon
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round, 16 August 2014

Aaah, Walthamstow. I used to live here you know. It was once called Wilcumestowe (“The Place of Welcome”) and, my, it was all fields. It was, those fields were strewn with bodies, admittedly, much like Waltham Forest’s pre-season, heavy with defeats, their blood running the length of Wadham Lodge … Read More

It’s very rare that you go to a football match and, for the first time, set eyes upon an unknown who makes you smile and feel grateful you’re there.  A few years back we visited Dulwich Hamlet and saw Sanchez Ming light up a game with his pace and directness.  Around about the same time we saw WEST HAM ACADEMY OF FOOTBALL’s classy Roger Stanislas make his loan debut for Southend, during which his well justified self-confidence allowed him to grab the ball off more senior players at a 25 yard free kick, plonk the ball down, take a few steps back and casually curl the ball into the corner. Read More

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